Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Streamlined alloy frame, Unique narrow edge brushed design.

A super-distinctive streamlined frame design, brushed narrow edge makes the whole board outline clearer.
Using a special material board, not only when projecting is the image a soft color, but it has a great viewing angle and no bright spots.

The latest ninth generation infrared hardware technology, higher, stronger and more reliable.

Ultra narrow design, Infrared PCB board width reaches 1.18cm, widely used.
Optimize amplification circuit design, build in a large number of components, make the product reliability higher and stronger.

Shortcut buttons on both sides, all kinds of operation

Multiple shortcut buttons on either side of the screen, effective call functions for writing, erasing, tagging, preparing class and so on.
Using teaching software independently researched and developed by iBoard, the students learn efficiently in the teaching environment.

Multi-touch technology, Gesture recognition patent

Integrating iBoard’s self-developed high speed infrared touch technology, producing powerful multi-point interaction effects.
Convenient for teachers to carry out multimedia teaching, enriching teaching methods and expanding the scope of multimedia teaching.


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